1. So… are you Carpenter and Cook?

    Yes and no. We started out as the events branch of the café, specialising in dessert tables but we wanted to take things up another notch and hence Heaven in a Wild Flower was born. Carpenter and Cook is our sister company, and a very lovely one at that (plus we still fill our dessert tables with their delicious pastries and desserts!).
  2. Are you a wedding planner?

    No. We don’t specialise in budget planning, organising your big day and managing other vendors. We’d be happy to point you towards the people who do offer those services, of course, but here at Heaven in a Wild Flower, we’d much rather focus on making things pretty.
  3. Why is your website URL/Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram using ‘heavenwildfleur’ and not ‘heavenwildflower’ or ‘heaveninawildflower’? Do you not know how to spell?

    The sad truth is that the URL for heaveninawildflower was taken and social media sites restrict the number of characters you can use for your nickname, so we needed something else. The word, ‘fleur’, which is French for ‘flower’, seemed like a good replacement so it stuck. If you still don’t think much of ‘heavenwildfleur’, we suggest that you go smell some pretty fleurs. Perhaps after feeling better, you will then realise that it is both succinct and awesome.  Actually if you type in www.heavenwildflower.com, it gets to us too. How’s that for options?
  1. Why do you only have one type of bouquet? Can I choose from a catalogue?Our bouquet service is bespoke, which means we design each bouquet to each client’s preferred colour, style and flower choices. This means that your bouquet is unique to you! We have a gallery of our past work on our Portfolio page (and on our bouquet page too) and Instagram should you need some inspiration on what to choose. 
  2. Will I be guaranteed the same kind of flowers as in the photo?Due to the seasonal nature of flowers, certain varieties may not always be available. But we will try our best to substitute with flowers that are of the same colour, look and quality in order to main the same style of the overall bouquet or arrangement. 
  3. Can I order multiple bouquets or arrangements to be delivered to multiple locations?We apologise that our website currently does not have the capability to handle multiple delivery addresses, so each item would have be ordered separately. We are looking into this and promise to introduce this as soon as we can! 
  4. Can I choose a delivery time slot? Yes, we currently offer a morning (10am-1pm) slot and afternoon (2-6pm) slot.

  5. I would like to order a bridal bouquet and other wedding flowers. Can I do it on the website?Firstly, congratulations on your big day! As each wedding is different, we prefer to discuss the scope of work with our wedding clients before providing a quotation and design. Please email us or send us a query through our Contact page. 
  6. Can I order your Classic bespoke bouquet as my bridal bouquet? How is it different?Our bridal bouquets are more lush than the Classic bouquets, and consist of a larger variety of flowers. Bridal bouquets also will be wrapped with a ribbon wrap around part of the stems, whereas our bespoke bouquets are fully wrapped in kraft or tissue paper. 
  7. I want to sign up for a floral arrangement workshop! How do I sign up and when is your next class?We try to hold workshops about once every month, but as our focus is our weddings and events, we can only plan the dates a few weeks ahead.  Do subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to get the latest news on workshops. We also list our class schedule here and you should be able to register for class right from our Flower Shop!
  1. How much do you charge?

    Every client is different, and every event is different. Naturally, costs also vary from project to project. One thing we like to emphasise is that these things take time and effort, as we customise our décor and concept to each client’s specific needs. Our styling package generally starts from $3000 but we offer a la carte flowers and arrangements for smaller weddings and event. However, it’s always best to contact us for a free consultation session, so that you can receive a full quotation.
  2. Do you do events on weekends or public holidays?

    Why, yes we do. We love our job and would like to believe that every day is an opportunity to have an amazing party. However, it’s always best to email us in advance, preferably 1-2 months ahead for a small party and even earlier for a big event like a wedding, just in case we already have something else lined up on that particular day.[line]
  3. How do I go about booking your services?

    It’s rather simple, actually. Just email us with details of the following:

    • The date(s) of your event and venue (if you have one)
    • The number of guests
    • The type of service(s) you require (e.g. event styling/ dessert tables/ floral services, etc.)
    • The scope of service(s) (e.g. inspiration/ decor and production/ event set-up)
    • Oh, and of course your name and contact details as well!
      Or you can just to to our Contact page and drop us a line from the website!

    We’ll respond with a full quotation as quickly as we can. All initial consultations are free, so don’t worry about the cost first. Our stylists are always happy to talk through your ideas with you so that you can get a better sense of what you might require for your big day

  4. How far in advance do I have to book your services?

    We do get booked up rather quickly here at Heaven in a Wild Flower, so we’d very much prefer it if you let us know about your event as early as possible. For small events (eg. 50 pax), we require a minimum of 1 month’s notice. For larger events (eg. 100 pax), we require a minimum of 2 months’ notice. If you contact us on short notice, we regret to inform you that an additional rush fee will apply in the event that we are available. Moral of the story: don’t procrastinate! You’ll save some cash (possibly even a headache), and still have a smashing time.
  5. What are the accepted methods of payment?

    In order to secure a booking, we require a 50% deposit upfront. The remaining amount can be paid by or on the date of the event itself. Accepted methods of payment are bank transfers, Paypal payments, cheques, and cash. We’re not fussy.
  6. What is this dessert table you speak of?

    Oh, my child. You are about to be exposed to a whole new level of Awesome. Dessert tables are self-service tables laden with delicious treats, shown off on beautiful cake stands and other possibly vintage serveware, along with colour co-ordinated décor and lovely props. They are also usually styled according to a certain theme. Essentially, they’re edible art. And we’d like to think that everyone should get to enjoy one.
  7. Why do I need to style my event? Can’t I just cater some food for my guests?

    Sure, you’re free to do as you please. However, here at Heaven in a Wild Flower, we like to believe that an occasion worth celebrating is an occasion worth styling. Not only is it a wonderful way to make your special day unique, it also provides a great aesthetic environment for you to enjoy the company of your loved ones in. Sounds like a win-win, right? We thought so too.
  8. You’ve said that you specialise in florals for boutique and intimate events. What if I want florals for a large scale event?

    Ah, you’re one of those rebellious types, aren’t you? As with everything else, contact us. We’ll try our best to see if we can fulfil your request.
  1. How does your prop rental service work?

    It works rather similarly to our event services – email us and tell us in lavish detail:- Your event date and occasion (pick-up is typically a day before and return a day after or if you would like to rent it for longer, let us know too)- The item(s) you would like to rentWe’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible with a full quotation. Easy, no?
  2. How much do prop rentals cost?

    Rental of crockery and glassware (e.g. cake stands, tea sets) generally start from $6 for a tea set, and $30 for a cake stand, while larger items tend to cost more. We charge a-la-carte prices if you rent X items or less, and offer discounts if you borrow X items or more. For a full quotation, it’s always best to get in touch. 
  3. Do you deliver props?

    Props are on a pick-up only basis, with delivery complimentary only over $500 amount. For anything below $500, we can arrange delivery for you for a fee.
  4. Your props are so beautiful. Can I buy them?

    We’re glad you think so but we do need them for business. However, we do reluctantly let go of some of our props from time to time, so that we can make space for more lovely things. Keep a look out on our Facebook page for the occasional garage sale. Alternatively, you can also visit Carpenter and Cook for some great vintage finds. 
  1. Do you do collaborations?

    Yes, we love working with like-minded individuals, if time permits. Email us! 
  2. I love your work. How do I become part of your team?

    Aww. Flattery will get you everywhere. Hit us with a copy of your resume; we’ll be in touch shortly if we need some extra hands on deck. 
  3. Something’s not working on your website. Can you get it fixed?

    We’re sorry that’s happening. Please email us and let us know what’s faulty. We’ll do our best to solve the problem as soon as possible.
  4. My question’s not answered here.

    We’ve tried our best to list all the possible questions you might have here on the FAQ, but if you can’t find the answers you need, please feel free to email us
  5. Why do you keep asking me to email you?

    It’s part of our subliminal messaging to get you to contact us for a free consultation! We love hearing from you so yes, email us with whatever queries you have. Better yet, we love getting snail mail (if it’s not urgent) too!