Keep Calm, It’s Your 21st Birthday!

Here’s a look at a 21st birthday “Glam | Chic | Rustic” setup we did a couple of months ago at Food For Thought, Singapore Botanic Gardens. It was a such a joy, styling this event…. being a rustic lover 😉 This party was decorated with a mix of props from our vintage collections, and several items brought in by the birthday girl herself. She decided to engage us in the setting up of her party as she was halfway into planning and purchasing her birthday decor (she already prepared the tassel garland, burlap bunting, helium balloons, gold birdcage, marquee sign and the 2-tier ruffle cake, impeccable taste!) and doing the party setup on her own, before realising it was a little inconvenient due to the fact that she doesn’t live in Singapore! So, the elves of Heaven in a Wild Flower took over from there and lent her a helping hand to complete the party setup.

gallery-177The Dessert Table. Amazing setup there, even the floral wreath on the backdrop was put together by Eunice, how stunning!

gallery-170 Glitter pops!

gallery-161  gallery-162 Candy/cupcake section, yum!

gallery-167  gallery-164 Some of the prop collections that we have… and up for rental.

gallery-176Photo-snapping booth! Props like the antique frames and the giant handcrafted tissue flowers make the photographs so much more peppy!

gallery-172 gallery-168

gallery-178 Some crates.. antiques.. florals.. bird cages.. hessian cloth…! Attempting a rustic look ~
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