Creative Day Out & Floral Workshop Round-up

Oh where do I begin?? I have so many pictures I wanna share and am frankly still a little buzzed from last Saturday’s Creative Day Out event. Rachel & I are really touched by the overwhelming support we received from everyone – from those who came to shop Brown Paper Packages‘ beautiful wares to those who attended my floral workshop and definitely not forgetting friends and family who helped to make it possible, we are indeed blessed!

I was a little nervous (ok not just a little… very!) about conducting my first floral workshop and also hosting the pop-up sale. I was worried that the attendees wouldn’t find it useful or enjoyable or that I would be blabbing incoherently! I spent the entire day and night prior arranging and re-arranging furniture in my home studio in order to make it comfortable for the guests that would be coming, preparing and checking all the materials for the workshop until late into the night.

It was a lot of work but it was all worth it. I could go on and on but I think I will let the pictures do most of the talking. It was so hard selecting a few shots to recap the day, so while I forced myself to pick out a few for this post, I’ve uploaded an album on our Facebook page (please Like it!) for those who are interested to relive our first Creative Day Out and floral workshop! I will be hosting more workshops in the near future, so do look out for details or sign up for our mailing list (at the bottom of the page)!

floralworkshop01-1Pretty stationery always makes class time funner!
floralworkshop01-2Personalised name tags for our attendees
floralworkshop01-4Class in progress

floralworkshop01-9 floralworkshop01-8

floralworkshop01-7 floralworkshop01-13
Hands-on session, making beautiful bouquets
floralworkshop01-11Personalising the creations
floralworkshop01-12Finishing touches
floralworkshop01-14 floralworkshop01-15
The beautiful end products!
floralworkshop01-16Class photo 🙂

I was really encouraged by the love of flowers of the participants. It’s really inspiring to see everyone put so much effort into creating something unique and personal to them. Despite starting with the same flowers, each design was different, yet gorgeous in their own right. I really can’t wait to teach another class again!

While we were having the floral workshop, Rachel and our other hardworking helpers were preparing the space to welcome our first shoppers. Before long, it was bustling! After the workshop, we joined everyone else for shopping, eating and of course taking pretty pictures 🙂


floralworkshop01-5The calm before the storm
floralworkshop01-10Let the shopping begin!
floralworkshop01-6Beautiful homewares from Brown Paper Packages
floralworkshop01-17Bakes from Carpenter & Cook
floralworkshop01-18 floralworkshop01-19Vintage props for styling & photography
floralworkshop01-20Rachel & I

We really hope that everyone that came enjoyed themselves, and thank you all once again for making the day so fun and memorable!

*special thanks and credit to Paul O. for the photos!

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