Some Updates and a New Studio

So much has been happening in the last month! For those who know me personally, you would know that I had taken a break from work to travel in September and October. I wanted to find new inspiration, ideas and generally recharge myself to prepare for what would be coming. I travelled all over from Boston, New York, London and Croatia to Sydney and visited many new concepts, bought a lot of vintage and pretty things, ate far too much and took so many photos that I haven’t had time to sort them out.

It wasn’t all play as I was also preparing to launch our brand new standalone event styling and vintage rentals company and its website, Heaven in a Wild Flower, working with my designer on logos and graphics, tweaking the website, working on the concepts and services the new company would provide AND finding a space to house all the props and a home studio.

A new living and work space!A new living and work space!

I’m very happy to announce that the culmination of all these months of work is almost ready! The website is up (barring some Work In Progress pages), and I have moved into the new home studio and am busy setting up the various work areas – prop shelves, storage, office, photography areas etc. It also seems like a never-ending home DIY project, full of areas that I can potentially style and decorate!

beach in hvar, croatiaQuiet beach in Hvar, Croatia

RIght now, I am loving my vintage sofa settee that I’ve had reupholstered in a light grey and turquoise palette. The colour scheme for the living and dining room space was inspired by my travel in Croatia, where the waters sparkled in various shades of turquoise blue, emerald green cliffs, ivory/greige coasts and bright blue sky. I’ll be adding more elements of green in time to come, with cushions and probably indoor plants. Follow me on Pinterest to see what I am being inspired by!

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