2013 Review – Inspiration, Creativity & Growth


I know it is a bit early to look back on the year but time flew by so quickly this year I thought I’d better do this before the holidays and peak season get in the way.

I’ve not really written down many thoughts this year, but 2013 was definitely a big one in terms of new directions, projects and change. While a lot happened in 2012 as well, I was going along with the tide, being part of something bigger and sailing with the wind. This year, I had time to slow down and think about what it is that’s important to me. Finding inspiration, getting back to being creative and the ability to chart my own direction and growth were things that I wanted to feature more prominently in my life, I’m happy with the new brand and move, I get to do more of those things!

I would like this blog to reflect those goals as well – Inspiration, Creativity and Growth. There will be posts on what inspires us, behind-the-scenes look at the daily (sometimes mundane) life of a stylist slash creative, the latest brewing in our little studio and lastly, what’s close to my heart and certainly not least, sharing what I’ve learnt, and am learning along this journey with those who are experiencing similar issues or struggles. Launching or maintaining a small business is not an easy task. I have found that reading about how others have gone through similar challenges has really encouraged me and I hope to continue this virtuous cycle too!

I will leave you with 3 sites that have inspired me in this journey thus far:

  • Jess Lively – Jess helps people design and live their lives and businesses with intention, but also shares lots of fun things like design and style!
  • One Woman Shop – One Woman Shop is a community and resource hub for yes, one woman shops, full of tips and useful stuff.
  • Lara Casey – Lara runs a branding/marketing/coaching consultancy and her blog focuses on the Making Things Happen movement and encouraging people through her faith.
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